We are Brittany and Simon Fentress,

relationship visionaries and we help couples create

unleashed, authentic, and revealed marriages.

We help yo

u activate your 

Energetic Marriage Blueprint. 


Why focus on your

marriage now? 

Because you won't make it if you don't. 

Right now your marriage needs to be industrial strength to go through this time when there are distractions and threats coming from all directions. From work, social media, job loss, financial loss to world wide viruses. When there is a lack of connection, communication, trust, and intimacy between two people there is separation. 

What is Marriage For?

The wonderful news is that living in separation not what your marriage was meant for! You came together one beautiful day to unite, to become one, your marriage symbolizes your unique love and Oneness. You both came to this earth to learn lessons and create magnificence together! 

Like a mirror, we help you see what  the Universe wants in your marriage and the Universe wants you to have an Revealed marriage!


What makes an unleashed,authentic & revealed marriage?


1. Intimacy like you never imagined!

2.Physical ecstasy... sex only gets better! 

3. Communication that runs deep and has you in bed together more often than not.

4. Living a life together with a shared vision for the world and your family. 

5. Waking up every morning in gratitude for the soul laying next to you and their presence being enough to make you cry with joy

6. Connection to each other and God. 


Our Vision 

Break the Chain of Divorce;

Creating transformational marriages who then lead their community and children into a world of authenticity, generosity, responsibility, commitment

and love.

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Meet Us!

Our Marriage Contract 

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