Wholly Heart & Home

Prana LIghtwork and Crystal Healing
with Brittany Fentress



Wholly Heart & Home is founded on the belief that the emotions  you feel in your inner world, your heart, will be reflected onto your outer world, your home. Our mindsets, beliefs, feelings and emotions are energetic magnets and most of us unconsciously create a world we don't actually want to live in. We feel like a victim in a self built trap and find ourselves unhappy. When you feel Full, Content, Powerful, Gracious, Present, Capable and Thankful you automatically feel Happy, Abundant and Connected to all. The moment these powerful words and feelings become true to you in your heart and body, your home, family, friends, and job also experience a life upgrade! You then start living the life that feeds your soul's calling. 

Our Sun and moon Prana light shine on and energize all that we touch. 


What is a Light Worker? 

A Light Worker (healer) is someone who has the natural ability to bring peace and patience and Divine healing to anyone they meet. They may work with their hands (massage, Reiki, energy healing) or through their voice (author, speaker, channeler). They devote their life to being a bright light in the world. And they understand that their actions have potential to raise the vibrations of the planet. They are awake, conscious that their presence matters and they are a part of something bigger than themselves. 

They are not just hippies, festival goers, and spiritual speakers . They are regular people who can have regular jobs. They just make the conscious decision to endeavor and to answer the call of the Divine Light over the call of fear.