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What is Dating in Captivity?

It is 12 plus creative dates curated and crafted for you to experience in your home with your partner. 

Brittany and Simon will be hosting experts to

give you date experience like no other.

These experts will guide, teach and demonstrate their knowledge, creating an opportunity for you to connect and explore each other during this quarantine.  Just because we can't go out doesn't mean we can't bring the experts to you!! 

Have fun, get intimate, get sexy,

laugh, and deepen your connection

while at home.

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Dating in Captivity

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Dating in Captivity Begins

June 8th, 2020

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1. FREE "What's Your Fantasy?" 

This is a pdf worksheet/tool created by us to help you explore your sexual fantasies, desires and create new ideas.


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A online interview series hosted by Brittany and Simon on how to create a deeply connected, intimate and joyful marriage with 23 relationship experts. This includes all their free gifts too!!

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Date Details:

Cooking Classes

- We have two experts helping you create love in the kitchen

Bollywood routine just for you! 

 - We have a local Bollywood and hip hop dancer creating a routine for you to learn and share on TicTok

Intro Class in Ropes and Bondage

- Learn how to make a simple knot for the wrists and ankles

Couples Massage 

 - Want a massage? Learn how to oil each other up with an expert guiding the way. 

Napa comes to you

- Wine and pairings demonstration

Partner Yoga Class

Dance Lessons

- Focused on Fusion, fusing your unique dance and forgetting about being right or wrong. Learn how to move together.

Intro Class to Tantra

 - Learn about the basics of tantra with an expert

Partner workout routines

Meditation and Art

- Guided meditation and making your visions come to life

Notes and Details: 

All these classes will be pre-recorded so you can watch them on demand.

You will receive 4 dates a week in your inbox for 3 weeks. You will have access to each date for one week.  

You will receive a grocery list or Amazon shopping list if you will need anything except yourselves for the class.