Discover the fastest way to trust yourself so you can attract your dream partner without doubt using the Five-Step Method to Manifest Love.


Cultivate Deep Communication: 



Create deep connections with intimacy and discover the power of your words to attract to your dream partner!

Awaken to Self:


Understand how your past and current states of being are creating disconnect in your relationships or causing someone to not commit to you fully. 

Clear the Past: 



Clear you past and shift into who you want to be in your relationships by discovering what's holding you back from having that dream relationship. 

Trust Your Heart:



Discover how to trust your heart and intuition AND finally create a relationship without doubt. Allowing yourself to be fully open, unguarded and aligned for that ideal partner. 

Manifest Your Dream Partner:



Unleash your most authentic version of yourself into the world and get into action on finding and sustaining the dream relationship you have been wanting. 

  • 8 Step-by-Step LIVE Training Modules, recorded to watch on your own time

  • 8 weekly Q&A recorded 30 minute sessions

  • Weekly worksheets & guides, plus homework to set you up for success

  • BONUS: How to create an Altar or Meditation Space

When and Where, the Details

  • All 8 plus the bonus week LIVE training modules will be accessible through Kajabi and details will be emailed to you.

  • 8 weekly Q&A Meetings will be a part of each week's module

  • Starts February 14th and will be held every Thursday through April 9th at 2pm-3pm PST

  • The worksheets and guides will be attached to the module

Working with Brittany has been a life changing experience and the growth hasn't stopped since we met on day one of our journey together.

I have happiness and joy in may life that I didn't know existed and the best part is I can manifest it myself! 

Brittany is kind, patient and yet willing to challenge you to become the person you want to be. I know it is a "cheesy" thing to say but if you want the best version of yourself, Brittany is the person to help you get there. 

Sophora A. - Pinole, CA

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