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Brittany is a gem and has intuitive healing gifts. My crystal healing session with her was completely transformative. I've never felt anything like it. She was able to tap into chakras that were fatigued and closed off and bring harmony and vitality to my body and soul. She was professional yet personal. Her methods are thorough and customized to your needs. Everyone deserves to feel this good! 


Working with Brittany has been a life changing experience and the growth hasn't stopped since we met on day one of our journey together.I have happiness and joy in may life that I didn't know existed and the best part is I can manifest it myself! 

Brittany is kind, patient and yet willing to challenge you to become the person you want to be. I know it is a "cheesy" thing to say but if you want the best version of yourself, Brittany is the person to help you get there. 



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Due to Pinole's City Laws and my privacy I am not able to advertise the exact address of my home studio.

Once you have scheduled a session either by email, my online booking services or phone I will send you the exact address and arrival details. Thank you for your understanding  

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