Live the Amazing Marriage You Are

Meant To Have With The 

Soul Marriage Activation Program

Our Private Soul Marriage Activation Program is designed to: 

Strengthen the connection, intimacy, trust and communication inside your marriage to be bullet proof. 

Receive your Energetic God Blueprint and activate what Universe wants for youmarriage. 

Create your Marriage Vision and the legacy you are meant to build together. 


Brittany and Simon are masterful at creating a space for trust, introspection, and oneness for dialog on aspects I didn't even admit to myself before. 

Under their guidance, a clear path was shaped for us, and how we get to be responsible and creative to invigorate our relationship. 

Shared mutual spiritual practices that have become an opportunity for growth. 

We are delighted to have the tools for a stronger vision for our marriage. I'm forever grateful to two  for their support. 

Monica P. - Oakland, CA

How is our Soul Marriage Activation Program Different?

Uncover what is blocking you from experiencing what you both truly and 

secretly want in your marriage 


Discover your Higher purpose of your Union

with Brittany and Simon. 

Soul Marriage Activation Program is designed to: 

Uncover your traumas, resistance, fears, and mindsets that are blocking your intimacy and GET a clear strategy of HOW to create the intimacy, connection, desire and communication you both want in your marriage and ultimately want your children to learn so they can create the same for themselves!

Learn how to reprogram and work with your unique energetic marriage "blueprint" to be aligned with what Universe/God wants for you. Constructing your marriage in a very intentional and creative way with Lemuria Visualizations by Brittany.  

Clarify your marriage container, contract and shared vision - together these create a bullet proof marriage. 

Develop your marriage vision and become pillars of leadership so you fearlessly lead your purpose and community, embodying what the Universe/God designed you to do together.    

How it works:

  • ​ 4 private calls per month, together as a couple, with Brittany and Simon (teachings, activations, coaching)

  • Weekly, 20 minute laser coaching calls, "check ins" with Brittany or Simon. 

  • A step-by-step guide on how to Communicate with Compassion. 

  • Lifetime access to the Lemuria Visualizations, soul code meditations with Brittany

  • Membership into a Private Facebook Group for coaching and community support and intimacy inspiration. 


  • Alumni Program - We offer this to guarantee we see results.  - A monthly FREE coaching call matching your enrollment! (Join our program for six months and you get six additional coaching calls for free)

  • Daily support and accountability via Voxer App

  • Discounts on VIP days, programs and retreats. 

  • FREE Access to Toolbox of Intimacy, an online interview series with 23 relationship experts hosted by Simon and Brittany

Your spouse can be your healer.

They see parts of you that no one else can see, even you.

They mirror your shadows.  

You are meant to bring each other closer to God,

to help each other upgrade,

ascend, magnify, transform and serve others.  

You are meant to be

Pillars of Light

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