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Go Deeper into a place of healing and restoration with our eye pillows. Handmade to match each chakra color and it's frequency. Our eye pillows have been made with the intention to maximize your healing and connection to your Higher Self. 


For amplification and programming your intentions and other crystals, relax with this eye pillow filled with Clear Quartz chips, dried lavender and flaxseed. All beautifully incased in remnants of a multi color Indian vintage kantha quilt.  


**Note each eye pillow is handmade by Brittany and the pattern you see is not exactly what you will receive. Each quilt is different and Brittany uses all the parts of the quilt and its varying pattern play. The primary color will be stated and matched for each chakra.***

Crown Chakra Crystal Eye Pillow

SKU: 21554345656
  • Each pillow is approximately 9" x 4"

    Spot clean only.