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Have an area in your life you’d like a little help with?  Tell us a little about what you are focused on improving, changing, breaking free of and Brittany will create your own personal Mojo Bag! Your mojo bag will be made just for you and Brittany will fill it with what she intuitively feels is needed for you. It will be packed good with goodies made by Brittany or found by her personally to fit your desires and what you want to manifest.


An example of a bag could include: An personalized essential oil blend, crystal charged spray, stones, talismans, mantras, affirmations, crystals/stones and sage or palo santos.

Personalized Mojo Bag

  • These are a final sale and not returnable. Each bag is made just for you and will not fit another individual. 

  • Shipping is free! As long as you live in the United States.