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1st date

Partner Yoga with Elysabeth Williamson

Founder of Principle-Based Partner Yoga

Elysabeth Williamson has been an innovator in the world of Yoga for over thirty years. She is the author of ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ and internationally recognized as the foremost authority of Partner Yoga. 

As founder of Principle-Based Partner YogaTM, a visionary and transformative body of work, Elysabeth has trained teachers around the world. She presents international workshops and retreats, and is known for facilitating a quality of space that leads to life-changing experience.


2nd date

Partner workout 


Emily Louise Wilson

With Emily Louise Fitness

Hey! I’m Emily!

I believe that a fit, plant-based lifestyle is an incredible path to health and wellness that empowers people to take back their lives and truly thrive.


I support my clients in building a body they’re proud of, in gaining back their confidence, in learning how to fuel their bodies to feel their absolute best!

BS Kinesiology, Exercise Science

500 Registered Yoga Teacher

CrossFit L2

Precision Nutrition

 To learn more visit:  

Facebook: @emilylouisefitness

3rd date

Learn to dance Fusion with

Emily Webb

San Francisco's go to Fusion Instructor and Founder of Mission Fusion

In 1996 Emily Webb began her love affair with partner dance.  Through the years Emily has studied Tango, Swing, Salsa, Blues, and Fusion dance with some of the top instructors in the world.  Today Tango and Fusion remain Emily's greatest dance loves. 


Thousands of students across the US and Canada have benefited from Emily's dynamic and interactive teaching style. Emily's adaptability to student needs, knowledge of body mechanics, and specialized drills create high impact learning for students of all levels. Through her years of teaching experience Emily has learned to make even the most complex movements simple and build them from the ground up.  This means you will not only look good while you dance, but feel great to your partners too!  


 To learn more visit:  

Facebook: @missionfusion

Emily w/ Mark Carpenter

Mission Fusion Extravaganza


4th date

A romantic dinner for two

Marilee Grossheim

Founder of Making Meals Matter

Marilee Grossheim is the founder of Making Meals Matter and  is a meal planning specialist and we believe a magician chef too! Who can create a beautiful dish from thin air...or whatever you have in your fridge.


She is a writer, speaker, transformation coach, entrepreneur and mom of two girls. She supports people to move from a space of frustration, scarcity and overwhelm to joy, abundance, and freedom.


Marilee supports women and men to stand in their power, establish new healthy routines, create connections within their family and make special memories through their mealtime traditions.

 To learn more visit:  

Facebook: @makingmealsmatter

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Bites Appitizer Recipe

Zucchini Noodle carbonara Recipe


5th date

no fail date night

With Rono & Sierra

Founders of Eden Rising

Rono & Sierra are often described as a dynamic duo and transformational force who have dedicated their life’s work to supporting women & couples in awakening their highest potential and realigning their north star to create powerful evolutions in life, love and spirituality.

Sharing over 30 years of adventure together as friends, business partners, lovers, husband and wife, change agents, ceremony facilitators, pleasure provocateurs and ambassadors of fun, Rono & Sierra are known for creating extraordinary experiences and powerful containers to catalyze one’s dreams and desires.


As curators of magic and mischief, they have a knack for magnetizing high frequency, conscious people who seek playful and profound experiences in which to enrich their lives and are currently doing just that with the creation of Eden Rising… the first of its kind, “restival” and private sanctuary for committed, visionary couples to evolve their relationship.  

 To learn more visit:  

Facebook: @lifestylized

6th date

partner workout 

With Michael Garcia

Founder of Mindful Fit Warrior

Michael Garcia is a holistic coach, who specializes in fitness, yoga, Aikido, self-defense and energy healing body work. 

After his self discovery journey through Japanese martial arts in his early teenage years, his growing passion for Eastern philosophies and the human condition, led him to learn and practice yoga, meditation, reiki, western Esoterism, Gestalt, psychotherapy, body work, and energy healing. 

Through his training in these various disciplines, he realized their powerful healing effect and loves to share them with other people through his company Mindful Fit Warrior. 

 To learn more visit:  

Facebook: @mindfulfitwarrior

7th date

intro to tantra 

With Joshua Hathaway

Founder of Master Your Bullshit

Hi! I am Joshua, a leader and coach, my gift is to gently and humorously dismantle the Bullshit that’s eclipsing your authentic joy, to transmit transformative communication skills, and facilitate embodied breakthrough experiences that connect you more deeply to yourself and the people who matter most to you. I activate men's transformational leadership through my individual coaching work and intensive trainings at The BrotherHood Community. 


I also support singles and couples in a path of Awakening through Intimacy in my Tantra Trainings and other co-ed offerings. To see what's coming up, take a look at the Trainings with Master Your Bullshit. 


8th date

Discover your light Code with a meditation and art ceremony 

With Deb Epstein

Founder of Oasis Healing Arts

Deborah Epstein, lmt is a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner and body worker. She has been making unique bodies of work Inspired by her journey as a healer and a client of many varied alternative healing modalities.

Deborah's  passion for healing and creative expression are the basis of the work found here at Deborah Epstein Studio. Using a variety of media, Deborah explores topics such as:  healing physical and emotional pain, the nature of the fascial system which is a weblike structure connecting all other structures and systems in the body, and the fractal nature of the universe.  As a shamanic practitioner,  her recent work explores non-ordinary states of reality that have a dream-like quality to them and also have initiatory "light codes" within them. Light codes are symbols that are a language of light from the heart that are channeled from source for healing the relationship between humans and the Earth Mother.

Deborah is the owner of Oasis Healing Arts located in Sedona, AZ.

She offers personal Sacred Medicine Odysseys and group retreats that infuse creative expression, shamanic practices and bodywork.

 To learn more visit:

9th date

learn Bollywood 

With Satyam Shrestha

Our go to Bollywood and Jazz/Hip Hop Instructor



I have been dancing almost all my life. I have been studied various Indian and Nepali folk and classical dances as well as western Jazz, hip-hop, ballet and Contemporary. My main dance styles are Jazz, Bollywood and Hiphop.

I have been teaching, performing and choreographing dance professionally for over 15 years. I have also worked in various Film, TV & Corporate projects in India and in Nepal.

I was the first one to established a professional Jazz and Contemporary dance company in Nepal. After moving to US, I continued training in New York in Broadway Dance Center and even now in California I train in Millennium Dance Complex in LA, Lines Ballet and City Dance Studios in SF.


I have also taught weekly Bollywood classes in ODC and Mission Dance Center in SF.

To learn more visit: 

IG @Satyam Shrestha 



10th date

Dance with us

Fusion lesson part 2 

With Brittany and Simon

Your hosts and relationship Visionaries

When we go out dancing, post a dance video or just start dancing in public.... like really anywhere there is great music, we have complete strangers come up and ask us if we teach, if we are professional dancers or what style of dance we are dancing.

The thing is we are in love with each other and we have found a way to express our unique story, our unique connection and love vibrations through dancing. And what is amazing is that everyone can do this! We each have our own dance as a couple. 

On today's date we will guide you through some of our connection tricks, a turn, and teach you some very sensual sexy moves that resembles.....well sex.

So if you sex with your partner or enjoy sex with your partner, join us and we will show you how to bring that into your dance. 

To learn more visit: 

You are already on our website...check out our social tribe tab!


11th date

the art of sensual restraint 

With Mia Cara

Founder of The Art of Sensual Restraint

Mia Cara is an intimacy expert in the San Franciso Bay Area who supports couples finding heart-centered energetic and sensual connection. She teaches experiential workshops and offers game-changing private sessions for couples in their homes. She has worked with over a thousand people over the past ten years teaching couples how to create deep intimate experiences using rope as a tool to create deep intimate connection. Couple are consistently blown away at the emotional and sensual depth they are able to access, even if they have been married for many years. 

To learn more visit:


12th date

partner Massage 

With Alok and Anjuli

Shiatsu and Thai Massage

Anjuli Mahendra is the founder of Embodied Resonance offering transformational retreats, integrated bodywork, and coaching that focus on opening the body to its highest potential.  Her initiation into somatics started in 1999 with a dedicated yoga practice and since then has trained in Iyengar, Hatha, and Shadow Yoga as well as Contact Improvisation and Acro-yoga. She has studied both movement and healing arts intensively in India, Thailand, Hawaii, and Bali both giving her a well-rounded, non-dogmatic approach to her teaching. In conjunction with teaching since 2003, she is a board certified massage therapist (1000+ hrs) with a private practice integrating Connective-tissue, Thai, and Chi Nei Tsang bodywork.

Alok Rocheleau is an experienced retreat leader, bodyworker and teacher who has studied with master teachers around the world.  His teaching style is informative, empowering and joyous while helping people find more freedom in their body and mind.  Seeking out inspiring natural locations and eco-resorts around the world, Alok has led workshops and retreats with Contact Yoga, Thai Massage, breathwork and mindfulness.  Through the practice of mindful touch we develop trust, honest communication, and compassion.  With his dedication to the yogic arts and a degree in exercise physiology, Alok has helped many clients relieve chronic issues in their body. Providing massage, yoga, dance, mindfulness, wellness coaching, and nature experiences, Alok believes the path to healing the self, our relationships, and the planet all start with the seed of loving-kindness and connection.